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Visual design

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Alprokon is the biggest manufacturer of meeting stiles in the world and the standard when it comes to safe doors, escape routes and reliable fall protection. They have more than 50 years of knowledge and experience. To emphasise all that it was time for a new brand and website.

Elke ruimte veilig.

The word space (ruimte) is the basis for the concept and the visual identity. Secure the space in the most beautiful and smart way possible, but also room for development and new solutions. The current logo is the basis of a faceted pattern, which visualizes the versatility and room for innovation.

With that, the start of the new branding was born. A fresh logomark, a pattern, new font family and a new style. The word ‘space’ can be interpreted in multiple ways in the visual design. More breathing space, white space, attention to details, playing around with typography, and give the product space to stand out.

The logo is placed vertically, just being stubborn! But there's another reason for that: all of the products are profiles, which are generally placed vertically.
Growth. Growth in font-weight but also growth in development, growth in product range, growth as a company goal.

Attention to details

Subtle patterns
Gold/copper accents throughout the whole site including all photography.
Vertical orientation in details

Design bits & pieces