rabobankde reis van geld






Kaliber Interactive


Visual design

As a cooperative bank with deep roots in society, Rabobank takes its gatekeeper role very seriously. Wherever money goes, they make sure it travels a clean path with the help of KYC specialists. In order to recruit new specialists an introduction campaign explained the work and challenges that the KYC department faces.

De reis van geld

The idea was to create a scrollable seamless experience where we introduce two KYC employees from two different chapters and take the user by the hand in a realistic investigation. The user gets an idea how the bank operates behind the scenes and what the chapters do in order to keep the money on the right track.

Clear CTA

In order to get the user to scroll and to get them really into the story we had to have a convincing CTA that stands out.

Content on scroll

While scrolling we offer the user relevant content and videos to keep them engaged and focused on the story.

How money travels the world

Design bits & pieces

AML story